Pastrnak continues hot run of form in Bruins victory over Canadiens

The Bruins came out victorious versus the arch rival Montreal Canadiens last night as David Pastrnak scored his league leading 25th goal of the season in a 3-1 rout, the Bruins second win in three tries vs the Habs this season. The game started out horribly for the Bruins, with Bruins captain Zdeno Chara failing to clear the puck behind his own net and the Candiens capitalized to take the lead a mere two minutes into the game. The rest of the first period and all of the second period were quite the struggle for the Bruins as the defense held up and didn’t let in any goals, but the offense could just not seem to get anything past Candiens net minder Carey Price.

Once the third period started however, this game was a whole different story for the Bruins as they seemed to flip a switch. About halfway through the period, David Pastrnak scored his league leading 25th goal of the season on an absolute laser beam of a shot down the right flank that looked like he was trying to shoot a hole right through the net. ( Shortly afterwards, the Bruins got their excellent power play cooking and David Backes was able to score what ended up being the game winning goal in his first game back from a long injury layoff. Jake DeBrusk tacked on a third goal later in the period to really put the game to bed and the Bruins improved to 19-3-5 on the season while handing Montreal their 8th loss in a row. Suck on that Montreal!

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